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Year 1 - Rabbit

8 September 2023 - Plenty of Love

This week in Rabbit class we have been reading the book 'Plenty of Love to go around'. It is about a cat and dog who are learning to spend time with each other. We have been using the book to help us with our writing. Today we were working in groups to learn about labels. We used a picture of a dog to write labels. Next week we are learning to write lists.


7 July 2023 - Moon Landing

This week we have been continuing our coding work on Scratch Junior and learning about repeated addition and multiplication in Maths. We have also watched video footage of Neil Armstrong's moon landing in History and wrote what we would take to the moon with us if we travelled there. 

30 June 2023 - We did lots!

This week we had a parents' assembly where the children proudly showed and read out their work across a range of subjects. Well done Rabbits! In Maths we have been learning about how to share even and odd numbers into groups and what remainders are.

In English we are broadening our vocabulary through reading Frog and the Stranger. In PSHE we looked at growing older. In Science we planted cress seeds and we had a mock sports day in PE!

23 June 2023 - Such a busy week!

This week we have been learning how to count in 2s, 5s and 10s in Maths, recapping our handwriting skills, writing about the lifecycle of a frog in English and comparing similarities and differences between plants in Science.


9 June 2023 - Poetry

Rabbit Class have been learning about poetry. They have listened to the Poem "Purple is" and made-up actions to go with it. They have been thinking of very creative adjectives and using them in their own poems about different colours. Some children performed their poems to the class.


12 May 2023 - Odd & Even Numbers

This week week we carried out an experiment with daisies. We wanted to find out if all daisies have even number of petals. We each picked a daisy and counted the amount of petals. Some of us got an even number amount of petals on our daisies while others got odd numbers.


5 May 2023 - Coronation Party

This week we have been celebration King Charles’s coronation and we had a tea party and invited the Junior School. It was great!


21 April 2023 - Signs of Spring

This week in science we had fun exploring the school grounds to look for signs of spring. We saw trees budding, flowers beginning to grow as well as minibeasts such as bees and butterflies. The exploration was awesome!


31 March 2023 - Animal Sanctuary Visit

This week we had a visit from the animal sanctuary. We learnt a lot about different animals, and we all had an opportunity to stroke them. Some of us were brave so we held them in our arms. In the end we got a chance to ask a lot more questions about the animals. We really enjoyed the session!

24 March 2023 - Bug Hotels

This week we participated in building a bug hotel for the creeping crawling insects.  We had fun collecting lots of twigs, leaves and other things from the ground.

We then filled the bug hotel with all the things that we have collected.

17 March 2023 - Drawing Flora & Fauna

This week we have been developing our looking and drawing skills. We have explored the use of handwriting pens when drawing flora and fauna.  We also used a variety of colour into our drawings.


24 February 2023 - Ten Frames

In maths we have been learning about odd and even numbers. We built numbers 1 to 10 on our ten frames. We learnt that, if the amount is even, then the top of the frame is flat but if the amount is odd, the frame will have a counter sticking out at the top.


27 January 2023 - Library Visit

This week in Rabbits, we had a very exciting trip to the local library! We got to choose some of our favourite books to read and designed a book cover. 

20 January 2023 - Science

This week in science we identified and labelled parts of the body. We also learnt the 5 senses and discussed what each one does.

13 January 2023 - Using tens frames

This week in maths we have been learning how to regroup using a place value chart. The children thought of a number between 11 and 19 and made it using ones on the tens frame. They then regrouped the ones for a ten using language such as in 15 there is 1 ten and 5 ones. 

9 December 2022 - Christingles

This week in RE, we made Christingles. We learnt what they are used for and what each part represents.

2 December 2022 - Pan balances

This week in Rabbit class, we have been learning about making equal values using symbols to record. We used pan balances to make the same value each side and learnt the word ‘balance’.
e.g Jawaria and Raaed were making 10. One side they had 5 + 5 and the other side they had 7 + 3. They recorded this in a number sentence. 

25 November 2022 - Writing reports

This week in Rabbit class, we have been writing a report on the physical and human features in Watford. 

18 November 2022 - Piet Mondrian Composition

In computing this week, we used the laptops to create a digital painting. We looked at Piet Mondrian Composition. We used different tools on the paint app such as how to draw a straight line, fill and undo. 

11 November 2022 - Writing a letter

In English, we wrote a letter pretending to be Mr Big. We used ‘and’ to join words and clauses in our sentences.

4 November 2022 - Drawing spirals

In art, we drew spirals using our wrists, elbow, shoulders and hips. We learnt that drawing is a physical and emotional activity. That when we draw, we can move our whole body.

21 October 2022 - Design & Technology

This week in Design and Technology, we made our playground equipment that we designed. Max made a zipline and Penelope made a swing.