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Year 2 - Fox Class

14 June 2024 - Writing Instructions

This week Fox class have been looking at writing detailed instructions. We wrote instructions about how to brush your teeth earlier in the week and then we wrote detailed instructions on how to wash our very own school's learning behaviour animal - Resilient Rabbit! We wrote about the things we would need for bath time and how to give our rabbit a relaxing gentle bath using a variety of adverbs and descriptions. 

24 May 2024 - Ark Farm

The talk of this week was the visit of Ark Farm.
We braved the mud and a little rain to meet a variety of farm animals, including donkeys, goats, sheep and ducks. 
This linked to our Autumn science learning on animals, and was also a thoroughly love way of rounding off the term.

10 May 2024 - Architects

We have been drawing architectural plans to create a house based on some buildings and architects that we have been learning about.
Today the children used a range of materials to put their plan into action.

15 March 2024 - Making Pizza

This week we followed up last week’s chopping session by making pizzas! More chopping was required for the peppers, as well as lots of grating cheese. They listened really well to instructions and picked up some valuable cooking skills. I’m sure you can all expect breakfast in bed very soon.

8 March 2024 - Design & Technology - Cooking

Our Design & Technology topic this term is cooking, and this week we were honing our skills in chopping and peeling. Children all had a turn at chopping cucumber with safety knives – focusing on holding the cucumber safely, with fingers out of the way. They also peeled carrots – again keeping fingers out of the way and peeling away from our bodies.

1 March 2024 - The Magic Paintbrush

This week we read a book called ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ in English. It is about a girl who has a magic paintbrush, and anything she paints becomes real.

We had a go at painting what we would create if we had a magic brush!

16 February 2024 - move like water

We've been practicing how to move like water this term, creating dances that look like different aquatic settings such as rivers, waterfalls and beaches. 
This week the class tried moving in a way that resembled the open sea, with rocking boats, crashing waves and all sorts of sea creatures on display.

2 February 2024 - Number Day

We had number day on Friday, where we had a lovely day of number based activities to raise funds and awareness for NSPCC.
Here we enjoyed a board game which had addition and subtraction questions for us to work out on each square.

26 Jan 2024 - learning about music media

In computing we've been learning about music media. 
This week we were using a music programme on Google to practice making different rhythms. 
We really enjoyed listening to the different sounds and songs created. 
If anyone would like to try it at home, the website is


19 January 2024 - Florence Nightingale

This week in History we have been thinking about the changes Florence Nightingale made in hospitals and what conditions were like when she first arrived at the Crimean war.
We wrote a letter from Florence Nightingale to Queen Victoria to explain what happened


12 January 2024 - creating pencil sketches of animals

This week in art we were creating pencil sketches of animals. 
We were focusing on what we could see instead of what we could imagine - we looked carefully at a picture, noticing details, lines and shadows and drew what we saw. 


8 December 2023 - Feeling festive

We have been feeling ever so festive in the last couple of weeks.
Preparations for the play are going well and we can't wait for you to see it next week.
We have also been decorating our classroom space.
We have built a fireplace to hang our Christmas stockings over, and we have a Year 2 Christmas tree which was enthusiastically decorated by the children.

1 December 2023 - Reading Challenge Wall

Our reading challenge wall is filling up nicely and it is so wonderful to see so many proud faces holding the books they have enjoyed.
As a class we have read George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl, Kaspar Prince of Cats by Michael Morpurgo and we are currently reading a Planet Omar book. It is so important for the children to hear these fabulous stories to understand how authors write and to develop their own writer's voice. 
Thank you so much for all the photos. Keep them coming so we can completely fill the wall!

24 November 2023 - Julian is a mermaid

Last week we started reading a beautifully illustrated book called 'Julian is a Mermaid' by Jessica Love.
In the story, Julian accidentally wrecks his Nana's living room when making himself a mermaid outfit.
We practiced our empathy by thinking about how Nana would be feeling and writing her an apology note. 
We wrote a section apologising for what we had done wrong, then a section explaining why we had done it in the first place.

17 November 2023 - Interesting Sentences

This week in English we have been focussing on 'uplevelling' our sentences - adding parts to make them more interesting and descriptive. We learned about expanded noun phrases ('the dog' could become 'the tiny, timid dog') and the conjunctions 'because' and 'when'.

10 November 2023 - Playground Art

In art we have been learning about how some artists find inspiration from their environment. 
This week we did the same, by exploring the playground to find materials to create our art from. 

3 November 2023 - The Great Fire of London

This week we started our new history topic - the Great Fire of London.
We have been thinking about what life was like in London in 1666, and what was different about the buildings compared to London today. The children learned that in 1666 most buildings were built using lots of wood, that they were built close together and also that buildings were often wider at the top than at ground level.

20 October 2023 - Library Visit

We're at the end of our first half term and it has raced by!
We were lucky enough this week to have a trip to the local library. The library workers read us some stories, we looked around at the books and even wrote our own story in groups before walking back to school.  Have a wonderful week.

13 October 2023 - Design & Technology

As many of you will have heard in sharing assembly, we have been using wheels and axels in our design & technology lessons.
Today we made a first draft of the vehicle that we will be making next week. 
We made a tray from paper, and connected the wheels to a wooden stick which served as our axle. The children were then challenged to make their own axle holder which would keep the wheels in place, but allow them to spin around. 
Next week they will build their final model using bottle tops for wheels, which they will be able to bring home.

6 October 2023 - Poetry

This week in English we have been reading and writing poetry. We wrote a class poem all about various colours by splitting into groups to create verses about individual colours.
We look forward to performing this poem at sharing assembly next week!

29 September 2023 - Rapunzel

This week we concluded our work on Rapunzel. We read two different versions of the story over the last couple of weeks and compared the two. We then wrote from Rapunzel’s point of view, about exploring a forest after escaping the tower. 

15 September 2023 - Geography

In Fox class this week we started our Geography topic, learning about similarities and differences between London and Islamabad. We discussed human and physical features of each city and the importance of rivers.
We also looked at an ariel view of London and located some famous landmarks.

8 September 2023 - Settling into Year 2

In Fox class we have been settling into year 2 and practising the routines that will help us throughout the year. We have placed emphasis on being 'independent learners' and exploring the ways we can support ourselves before we ask for help.
In Maths we have been practising using manipulatives to support our addition to 20. In this activity we used bead strings to help us work out the calculations, before using the correct colours to decorate the picture.

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