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Parkgate Pirates Wraparound Club

Wraparound Club Policy

24 May 2024 - World Bee Day

This week, we have been learning about the importance of bees as pollinators to flowers, fruit and vegetables and how they help the flowers grow as part of our topic "World Bee Day" which is celebrated on 20th May every year.
The children enjoyed making bees using paper plate and crepe paper, reading variety of books about bees, drawing pictures of bees and the nature around them and writing interesting facts about bees. 

17 May 2024 - Superheroes

This week’s theme was “Superheroes” and the children enjoyed colouring in their favourite Superhero pictures, completing the "Superhero identity" worksheet and Superhero maths sheet. They particularly enjoyed playing a game of Superheroes Bingo and "Duck, duck, goose" using the Superhero names instead.

10 May 2024 - Minibeasts

This week, we have been learning about Minibeasts and the children have completed some fantastic work relating to this topic, including minibeast crossword puzzle, colour by number minibeast pictures and they made ladybugs using paper plates and crepe paper. 

3 May 2024 - Family Tree

This week, we have been talking to the children about their family tree and they were encouraged to complete various activities relating to this topic. The children particularly enjoyed completing their family’s tree chart and it really made them think about their close family members and how important they are in their lives.

26 April 2024 - St Georges Day

This week, the children took part in St George's Day activities. They listened to a story about St George and coloured pictures of dragons, horses and other characters from the mythical story about St George. They particularly enjoyed colouring St George's Day themed bookmarks and making their own paper crowns.

19 April 2024 - Making Kites

This week, we have been talking about our Easter holidays and all the lovely things we have done with our families. Children were invited to draw a picture of their favourite activity during the holidays. 
As the weather has been really windy in the last few weeks, we made and decorated our own paper kites and the children were really excited to try them out after school

29 March 2024 - Easter

This week, we have been doing lots of arts and crafts relating to our “Easter” theme.
The children particularly enjoyed colouring Easter eggs and Easter bunnies and cutting them out using scissors. 

22 March 2024 - Spring 

This week’s theme was “Spring” and the children really enjoyed all the arts and crafts related to this very popular topic.
Their particularly enjoyed visiting the nursery classroom to observe the frogspawn and tadpoles through the magnifying glass. Some of the children decided to draw the frog's life cycle afterwards and did a great job!

15 March 2024 - Red Nose Day

This week, we have been talking to the children about the purpose of Red Nose Day and Comic Relief. The children really enjoyed learning about this very important event, and they even told each other their favourite jokes to make each other happy

8 March 2024 - World Book Day & Mothers Day

This week, we joined the rest of the school in celebrating the World Book Day and Mother's Day.
The children were invited to complete a variety of arts & crafts relating to both of these very important days.
They particularly enjoyed making their own bookmarks and Mother's Day flower shaped cards for their amazing mums!


1 March 2024 - Building Brick Challenge

This week, we talked to the children about their half term holidays and they were invited to draw a picture of their favourite half term activity.
Some of the children enjoyed taking part in the Building Brick Challenge and created some fantastic work!

16 February 2024 - Mardi Gras/Carnival and Shrove Tuesday

This week, we have been busy with various activities relating to the Mardi Gras/Carnival and Shrove Tuesday. The children were treated to yummy pancakes with jam or honey at snack time on Tuesday afternoon.

9 February 2024 - Chinese New Year

This week, we have been learning about Chinese New Year. The children really enjoyed reading the story about the animals from the Chinese Zodiac calendar and they had fun finding out which animal represents the year that they were born in.
The children were invited to make and decorate their own lanterns, and they also really enjoyed making a lantern collage pictures and a paper dragon puppet on sticks.


2 February 2024 - National Storytelling Week

This week, we celebrated 'National Storytelling Week' by reading lots of traditional tales with the children. They enjoyed colouring their favourite fairytale characters and some of the children even designed their own book cover.

26 January 2024 - The Boy, the Mole, the Fox & the Horse

This week, we have been reading the book by Charlie Mackesy called: "The Boy, the Mole, the Fox & the Horse" . We talked to the children about the importance of friendships and being kind to each other. We also talked about our personal achievements and talents and how important it is to be proud of who we are and never give up trying to achieve our goals. Children were invited to make friendship bracelets using various coloured beads. Some children even made a bracelet for their mums and dads to show them how much they care about them and appreciate them.

19 January 2024 - Winter Season

This week, we have been talking to the children about the winter season and specifically about robins as they are one of the few birds that sing in the winter. The children enjoyed listening to the 'Robin's Winter Song' story, making robins using their fingers and coloured ink pads and creating their own beautiful winter themed pictures.

12 January 2024 - The Day the Crayons Quit

This week, we have been reading bestselling books "The Day the Crayons Quit" and “The Day the Crayons Come Home” by Drew Daywalt and the children really enjoyed learning about the importance of respecting each other's needs and wishes. 

They completed lots of lovely activities related to the theme of the book.

15 December 2023 - Christmas

This week, children have been busy with lots of different Christmas arts and crafts activities like colouring, cutting out Christmas decorations and drawing their own Christmas themed pictures.
Some of the children used playdough to create Christmas cakes and biscuits. They looked wonderful and yummy! 

8 December 2023 - Healthy Eating

This week's wraparound club theme was "Healthy Eating" and children particularly enjoyed cutting out their favourite vegetable and different parts of the body and accessories to make it into a unique character. Some of them have even given their vegetable a name! They also had fun making various fruits using play dough and colouring it afterwards.
Some of the club children were very lucky to be able to take part in decorating the school Christmas tree and did a great job! 

1 December 2023 - Nation Tree Week

This week, we have celebrated the National Tree Week by talking to our children about the importance of trees in our environment and how they create oxygen and sustain wildlife.
Children really enjoyed taking part in various topic related activities and created some wonderful work!

24 November 2023 - Fairytales

This week's wraparound club theme was "Fairytales".  Children enjoyed colouring their favourite fairytale characters and they were invited to take part in lots of fun art activities. They particularly enjoyed making their own fairytale characters using wooden spoon for the body and head and various art resources to decorate it.

17 November 2023 - Children In Need

This week's theme was "Children in Need" and "Diwali".  The children enjoyed colouring in various Diwali themed pictures, the Pudsey bear pictures and designing the Pudsey bear bandana.
Some children took part in various arts and crafts activities relating to both themes. They created their own henna patterns using different art resources and a few children made a Pudsey bear out of homemade playdough.

10 November 2023 - Remembrance Day

This week, Parkgate Pirates joined the rest of the school in celebrating Remembrance Day by completing lots of fun activities. They especially enjoyed making their own  poppy wind mill, a poppy field 3d collage picture and some children even made a poppy chatterbox. They completed it some really lovely Remembrance Day picture colouring too.

We also talked about Autumn season and Autumn animals and we made a start on activities relating to upcoming Diwali festival, making and decorating a Henna hand using various available art resources.

3 November 2023 - Fireworks

This week, the children have been busy completing various activities relating to Guy Fawkes Night and Halloween. They particularly enjoyed the balloon pumpkin activity and building fireworks using the magnetic shapes.

20 October 2023 - Halloween

This week's wraparound club theme was " Halloween".  Children had lots of fun completing various fun activities, including colouring Halloween themed pictures and creating a Halloween ghost using leaves and chalk.

13 October 2023 - Where I live

This week's theme in the wraparound club was 'My house/home and where I live'. We talked to children about the type of house or flat they live in and asked them if they know the name of their street and town. Everyone really enjoyed this topic and produced some really lovely work. 

6 October 2023 - Space

This week’s wraparound club theme was “Space”. The children completed various fun activities and impressed the adults with their knowledge of the planets and the solar system! They produced some really lovely work!

29 September 2023 - Weather

This week, we have been learning about the seasons and weather. The children particularly enjoyed making Autumn animals and leaves for our school hall display board, using various types of leaves, coloured pencils and pens.

22 September 2023 - Last of the summer weather

This week, we have been talking to the children about their family tree.
They particularly enjoyed topic related colouring activities, 'Family' crossword puzzle and they had lots of fun making up nature faces using all natural resources like leaves, conkers, acorns and pine cones. 

15 September 2023 - Last of the summer weather

This week, we made the most of the summer weather and made some prints using cyanotype papers and fallen leaves from the school playground.

8 September 2023 - Settling in 

This week, we have been talking to the children about their summer holidays and their first day back at school. It was really lovely to see the older children helping us settle the new reception children in the wraparound club.


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