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Year 1 - Squirrel Class

1 March 2024 - Nature Inspired sketches

In today's lesson we began a new unit of work focusing on Flora and Fauna inspired artwork. We had a look at a variety of different art pieces and analysed the use of colour, objects and minibeasts. We used the artwork to sketch our own inspired pieces. 


16 February 2024 - Moving Pictures

This term in DT we have been learning to make horizontal and vertical levers. For our final piece of work we designed a moving picture which had a vehicle of our choice. We the decided what direction our lever would move. After designing, we made the backgrounds, moving vehicle and joined everything together. 

9 February 2024 - Safety Day! 

We started our day by learning the importance of being a good friend and antibullying. We created a safe space to talk about things a good friend would do and what we should in certain situations. Later we looked at road safety and practice how we would cross the road. We then sequenced the correct order of crossing a road. Finally, we ended our day with learning about online safety. We created lovely online safety posters!


2nd February 2024 - Number Day

For Number Day Squirrel class participating in a variety of fun activities. We started the day by completing a tens frame challenge and 'Buddy's quiz' in small groups. Later, we put a shape puzzle together in pair and went on a number hunt in the playground. We finished the day by designing our own Maths T-shirts!

26 January 2024 - Computing!

This term in Computing we have been learning how to use Microsoft Word. We learnt how to find word in the taskbar and open a blank page. We are now working on typing and experimenting with things like font, size orientation and colour.

19 January 2024 - Viking longboats!

As part of our History of Transport unit we looked at early travels and how Vikings travelled. We found out that people used to travel to trade goods, steal land, money and jewels. From research we found out the Vikings travelled the most and that their boats had a specific design. The red and white sails were to scare enemies as well as the dragon head. We worked in pairs to create our very own Viking longboat!

12 January 2024 - Levers and Leverages

This week was our first DT lesson introducing levers and leverages. The children used a variety of skills like cutting, whole punching and joining to create a moving person. This was quite a tricky activity and Squirrel stayed focused and created their very own moving person. I am really proud of Squirrel class!

15 December 2023 - Pitching in and Helping out!

This week Squirrel class have been extremely busy performing their songs in the Christmas play! We worked really hard to make our own headbands for our song. We did 3 shows this week and are very proud of every single child! 

8 December 2023 - Where’s my teddy?

This week we have been reading the book ‘where’s my teddy?’. We used the storyline of the book to create lost posters of our teddy named Freddie. The children used sentence rules, conjunctions and adjectives to write a detailed description of Freddie. 

1 December 2023 - Sunflowers

This term in computing we have been learning how to use laptops and IPads. We've been working on familiarising ourselves with the painting app. We used the skills learnt to create our very sunflowers. We even had a go at writing our names!

24 November 2023 - Observational Drawings

This week in art we have been learning about observational drawings. We spend the afternoon looking at different types of shells, the texture and shape. We then created our very own Observational drawings of the shells, paying attention to the texture and details.

17 November 2023 - Multiple representations

This week in maths, we have been working hard at identifying bar models, part-whole models, number sentences and word problems. We have been investigating different ways of representing a number sentence. Here is a picture of one of the activities we completed this week. We worked in partners to match the different representations.

10 November 2023 - Jam Sandwiches!

We have been learning about using Bossy verbs. We then studied a recipe book called 'Grufallo Crumble'. We made Jam Sandwiches and then wrote our own set of instructions on how to make a jam sandwich. 

3 November 2023 - Library Visit

This week Squirrel class went on a trip to Watford library. We walked to the library in the morning. First, we sat on the Gruffalo carpet and listened to a story. Next, we had a chance to explore the books and read them on our own or with a grown up. After, we used the story cubes to make our very own stories. 

13 October 2023 - Make 10!

This week we have been working on making various numbers using part-whole models. We have been working on using the correct methods and different language we can use to add. We practiced making 10 on our tens frame and using language like add, sum, total and altogether. 

6 October 2023 - Guided reading

The children have been working on Guided reading over the past few weeks. They are starting to show independence during these sessions and enjoy the variety of books. I am really proud of how they have settled and are learning to use their phonics knowledge consistency.

29 September 2023 - Part-Whole models

This week we have been focusing on ordering numbers and identifying the correspondence. We introduced the part-whole model and have been working in groups to find different ways of making numbers. We all worked together to identify the whole and the parts. We then recorded our findings as a number sentence on the whiteboard.

8 September 2023 - Settling into Year 1

This week Squirrels have worked really hard to settle into Year 1. They have been most excited about having lots of different books to work from. They have been eager to learn new subjects such as History, Science and Computing. In particular, they enjoyed reading and predicting the ending of the story 'plenty of love to go round'. We then had a go at writing our own predictions.

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