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Year 1 - Squirrel

8 September 2023 - Settling into Year 1

This week Squirrels have worked really hard to settle into Year 1. They have been most excited about having lots of different books to work from. They have been eager to learn new subjects such as History, Science and Computing. In particular, they enjoyed reading and predicting the ending of the story 'plenty of love to go round'. We then had a go at writing our own predictions.

7 July 2023 - 'What a Wonderful World'

This week in RE, we listened to the song ‘What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong. We thought about all the things we think are wonderful about our world and changed the lyrics to the song.

30 June 2023 - Computing

In Computing this week, we have been using the Scratch Jr program on iPads. We learnt how to change the background on our project as well as make them move in different ways, including moving left and right and even shrinking smaller and growing bigger. Here we are adding more than one character and adding different algorithms for them.

23 June 2023 - Big Questions

This week in RE, we have been looking at some big questions – one of them was ‘Why is the sky blue?’. We spent some time thinking about our answers and after writing them down, we watched a video explaining that it is to do with the blue waves of colour travelling through the atmosphere.


16 June 2023 - Growing

In PSHE we have been discussing the changes in us as we are growing up. We thought about things we would like to do when we are grown up and what things we were not able to do but can do now.


9 June 2023 - Finding the difference

This week we have been working hard in Maths to find the difference between 2 groups of objects. Here you can see that, Eva, Mariya and Gavin have shown the different ways we can solve questions.


19 May 2023 - Counting petals

This week we have been investigating petals on daisies. Miss Johnson said that all daisies have an even number of petals so we needed to find out if Miss Johnson was correct or not correct. Some petals had up to 25 petals on them!



12 May 2023 - Still celebrating

This week, we were busy celebrating the King’s coronation. We wrote letters to the king and did some splat art of the King’s portrait.


21 April 2023 - Signs of Spring

This week, we have enjoyed some of the changing weather and spotted some signs of Spring. We saw beautiful tulips and daffodils and the trees growing new green leaves. We drew a picture and described some things we spotted.


24 March 2023 - Creating a bug hotel

This week, we were visited by Veolia and they spoke to us about keeping our air clean. They also told us how important it was to have a safe home for insects so we worked together with Year 2 to create a bug hotel. We had fun collecting leaves, twigs and stones and made a great start. We will be adding to it over the coming weeks.


10 March 2023 - Keeping Fit, Healthy & Safe

In Jigsaw (PSHE) we have been learning about how to keep ourselves fit, healthy and safe. This week we looked at some possible dangers in our homes and designed a poster about how to stay safe at home.


3 March 2023 - Art

Our new unit of Art is looking at artists inspired by flora and fauna (plants and animals or insects). We explored different pieces of Art and choose some parts that we liked. We copied our favourite parts into our sketch books. We loved the dragon fly!


24 February 2023 - Maths

This week in Maths, we have been looking at length and mass. We used keys words such as longer, shorter, heavier and lighter to help us describe and compare. We had a go at weighing objects in our hands and putting them in order from lightest to heaviest.


10 February 2023 - Science

In Science, we have been learning about our bodies. We looked at the different eye colours we have in our class and made a pictogram. We found that most children have brown eyes.


3 February 2023 - Poetry

In English, we have been looking at poetry. We wrote our own poems about Squirrels and performed them to each other using actions.


27 January 2023 - Moving pictures

In our D&T learning we are looking at moving pictures. We practiced our cutting skills and then had a go at making a horizontal moving picture.

16 December 2022 - Art & Computing

In Computing we have been using the paint apps to create our own versions of famous artwork. Here we are re-creating Wassily Kandinsky’s Art.

18 November 2022 - Local maps

In Geography, we have been looking at maps and our local area. We had a go at drawing our own maps along with a key.

14 October 2022 - Gruffalo Crumble & Other Recipes

This week we have been reading Gruffalo Crumble and Other Recipes. We had a go at writing a disgusting recipe. We went outside to collect our ingredients. We used sticks, mud and stones!

7 October 2022 - Farmer Duck

We have been reading the story Farmer Duck. We made story maps of the story and then wrote the story ourselves!

30 September 2022 - Harvest Week in the USA

This week, we have been learning about how Harvest is celebrated in the USA. We used Harvest fruit and vegetables to print a picture.

23 September 2022 - Looking for objects

In Science we have been learning about everyday materials. We went on a hunt around the classroom to find objects made from wood, plastic, metal and paper. We spoke about natural and man-made materials and discovered we have more man-made objects than natural in our classroom!