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Year 2 - Badger

22 September 2023 - Maths

This week in Maths, we have been looking at numbers to 100. We have been saying how many tens and ones are in a number and comparing them by putting them in order from largest to smallest. We were given 3 numbers and had to make them with tens and ones resources to compare the length. The longest was the largest number.

15 September 2023 - Rapunzel

This week in English, we are reading 2 different versions of Rapunzel. We discussed a part where Rapunzel leaves the tower to explore the forest. We used past tense verbs in sentences to describe what she did. Look at these fantastic sentences!

8 September 2023 - Giraffes Can't Dance

We have been busy settling back into the routines of school. We read a book called ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ and discussed doing anything we want to and just because we can’t do something YET, doesn’t mean we can’t do it at all! We made a display in our classroom and wrote things we can do and things we cannot do yet.


23 June 2023 - Monsters

In English we are reading Monsters - An owner's guide. In the book people buy monsters from the Monstermatic Toy Company. We pretended that we worked for the company and had to reply to customers complaints about the Monster they had received. We wrote some brilliant emails!! 


16 June 2023 - Human Life Cycle

This week in Badger class we were talking about changes in our Jigsaw lesson. We started by talking about life cycles and concentrated on the human life cycle. We talked about the changes that have happened to us since we were babies and wrote about some of the changes.


9 June 2023 - 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers

In Badger class over the last couple of weeks we have been reading 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers.  We have acted out parts of the story, written a book review and written our own stories about the star and the boy. This week we have edited our stories and have begun publishing them, so that we can make our own class story book. 


19 May 2023 - Communication

In history we have been learning about the history of communication. We created a timeline of all the significant dates that we have learnt. We wrote messages in hieroglyphics after learning how the ancient Egyptians communicated. 


12 May 2023 - Maths

We have been learning about halves, thirds and quarters in maths. We have been finding them in shapes and in numbers. We have also been finding ¾ of shapes and numbers. 


5 May 2023 - Coronation of King Charles III

This week we celebrated the coronation of King Charles the Third. In English we read the book 'The King's Pants'. The book was all about the different pants that the King had and how they got lost in the post. We wrote letters to the King asking questions about his pants. 


28 April 2023 - Planting

This week we have been learning about plants. We wrote what we already know about plants and what we would like to learn about plants. We planted a Begonia Bulb and sunflower seeds and we are looking forward to watch them grow. 

24 March 2023 - Pizza Express Visit

On Wednesday Badger class went to Pizza Express. We learnt all about Pizza Express and how to make Pizza. We made our own pizza by shaping the dough to make the pizza base, adding the tomato sauce and then adding the cheese. The chef's then cooked them for us in their large ovens. We ate our pizzas for lunch when we came back to school. We were all given certificates for being excellent chef's.

17 March 2023 - St Albans Abbey Visit

On Monday we went to St Albans Abbey. While we were there we learnt about the Easter story. We also looked at the stained glass windows and made our own.

3 March 2023 - Book Week

This week was book week and we have been very busy. We looked at lots of poems from the book 'Zim, Zam, Zoom!' and we performed 'Take a poem' for the rest of the school.
We also designed a book area for our class, we have a lot of ideas!

10 February 2023 - Staying Safe Day

On Friday 10th February it was staying safe day. We learnt about mental health and anti bullying. We talked about having an imaginary safe place, so if we are feeling angry or upset we can calm ourselves by thinking of our safe place.


3 February 2023 - Mono Prints

In Badger class we have been learning about Mono prints in Art. We have been using oil pastels to experiment with line and colour. We used carbon copy paper to make our own mono prints. 


27 January 2023 - Poems

This week in Badger class we have been writing poems about an animal we would like to bring to school. We wrote a class poem about bringing a monkey to school. We then wrote our own poems. 

20 January 2023 - Rhythm pattern

This week in computing we explored rhythm patterns and pulse. We created our own rhythm pattern using counters and our hands. We clapped and clicked our pattern. We then used Chrome Music lab to make our own rhythms. We enjoyed listening to the rhythms we created. 

13 January 2023 - How to be a play buddy

On Wednesday Badger Class worked with the Sports partnership and learnt how to be play buddies. We are looking forward to teaching and playing these games with the younger children.

9 December 2022 - Pictograms!

Badger class created a tally chart of the minibeasts they found and then created a pictogram using the school laptops. We used co-operation crocodile learning behaviour skills to help us complete the pictograms in pairs. 

2 December 2022 - Descriptive writing!

Badger class have been looking at using descriptive language and verbs to write a description based on the book Julian is a Mermaid. 

25 November 2022 - Continuous lines! 

Badger class have been learning about different drawing techniques this week. We created observational drawings by drawing continuous lines without lifting the pencil off the paper!

18 November 2022 - Number line! 

Badger class have been learning about rounding numbers and rebalancing calculations this week. 
We made a number line in the school hall and found numbers between every multiple of 10.

11 November 2022 - Great Fire of London

We had a special visitor, Mrs Wellbake who lived in London in 1666 and she told us all about what happened. We learnt about how the houses were made of wood and were too close to each other which meant the fire spread easily. We learnt about how people escaped and how the fire changed the way London looked. 

4 November 2022 - Writing recounts

This week Badger class have been looking at writing recounts. We talked about what we did over our holiday and drew a poster to show all the things we did. We will be creating a chronological map of the events and writing our recounts this week! 

14 October 2022 - Are older children taller? 

Children in Badger class have been investigating whether older children are taller. We measured our height and looked at our birthdays to investigate this question in our Science lesson. 
Results were varied but we found that not all children who are older are necessarily taller!